Wedding Favor Ideas

Having a wedding theme is a great way to coordinate all the details of your day including your wedding favors and one of the more pop themes for this year is based on travel. It is a great way of including all the wonderful places you have every visited together within your wedding celebrations and whilst it may non look very romantic, it makes for a theme which will certainly get your guests talking!

So what kind of favors could you give for a travel theme?

One of your first options could be to consider the places you have visited. For instance if you have visited India then give your female guests pretty Indian bangles or a henna tattoo kit. Your male guests could have toy elephant ornaments or a selection of redolent Indian herbs and spices. The Far East inspires favors such as fortune cookies, Japanese rice wine, lucky bamboo and origami creations.

Another option is to create wedding favors such as fridge magnets or personalized coasters using photographs from your travels. You can have these custom made by uploading your images to an online printers who will make up your requirements for you. Alternatively you can find kits of fridge magnets and other ‘photo’ items in local craft stores and online.

Your wedding favors do not have to center on places you have visited. You could have custom cookies made in the shape of travel related items like suitcases, sunglasses, airplanes etc… Why non give your guests decorative compasses or a map reading kit! You could also scout book stores for miniskirt travel guides which make interesting reading even if your guests have or never will visit the countries inside!

Package your favors in boxes, bags or envelopes made with paper maps or look for fabrics printed with maps and global images. Another option is to look online for personalized paper airplanes or gliders. These come in kit form so you will need to make them up beforehand. By the same token if you can remember how to fold them, why not make your own paper airplanes from old maps which you should be able to pick up cheaply from second hand book stores.

If you wanted something more whimsical then look in toy stores, gift and joke shops for things like inflatable globes, globe key chains, globe balls and toy adventure explorer sets – perfect for the children astatine your wedding.