Calgary Wedding Vendor Review

weddingphotographerreviewHow many wedding magazines have you read so far? Each one will tell you to ask a couple of photography companies some questions before you decide to hire. Most of them likely gave you a list of questions to ask. It may include some of those in this list:

  • How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  • Why are you into wedding photography?
  • What is your style?
  • What equipment will be using?

Be real. None of these questions actually make sense to you. In fact, most of them are plain boring questions you don’t even want to know the answers for. There is no doubt that asking questions is a good way to get to know the Calgary wedding photographer before you decide to hire. For a moment, you will be given the chance to review and the kind of services that they provide, so that you can make sure that you are hiring the right one.

So here is a list of the questions that every bride must ask the photographer from brides and their successful weddings:

  • How do you choose just one photographer?

Out of the hundred photographers in the area, how do you pick the right one? Make sure to check out their website. Take a look at the style of photography that they do. Pick one that comes closest to your personal style. They are most likely to provide you with the kind of photography skills that you want. Once you have a list of all possible photographers you can hire, make sure to book an appointment with them. Take the time to talk to them to get to know the feel of how it is like to work with them.

  • How many wedding photos will you give me?

Be practical. You want to know how many prints you are getting and if you will be getting the rest of the photos for free. Normally, they would offer you a package of 50 to a hundred photos while others will offer you an unlimited number of pictures with higher per hour rates. The choice is yours. A hundred photos may seem like a huge number, but if you can get more for the same price, why wouldn’t you want that?

  • Can you give me photos with blurry backgrounds?

It’s all about style, they say. Although you know very little about art and photography, you have pretty much an idea of how you want your wedding day to be documented. Do not hesitate to ask them questions about the photos, the style of how they will be taken and if you have any special requests as such, you may very well tell them about it too. It is never too late to learn a thing or two about photography. Why knows, you might learn something you can use when it’s your turn to take photos of your first child.